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    ‘Spectrum of Life (published in  2009): Through the Prism of Poetry and Art’ is collection of my original paintings/art works and poetries. I have philosophically portrayed the journey of the soul from its conception to the salvation going through different phases of the life. A thirst to know the absolute eternity is the substantial essence in these poetries. This book has the potency to awake a sense that motivates us to think beyond the horizon. This book reflects the journey of life, which is full of spiritual manifestations and thoughtfulness.

     A sample poetry from the book


    A pair of divine hands has made A canopy of blessing over you You need an insight To recognize their clue

    The sky embraces his sweetheart Earth with full of passion The sun in tandem with his beloved moon With an infinite succession

    Under the light of natural accordance The plant of humanity grows An aura of the harmony there Fructifies and glows

    The agile waves have obsession To touch the sea shore To drench with mystical nectar Explore inside your heart’s core

    A tree by the river mesmerically Swings and leans over her Showers the flowers of devotion That defines visual love utter

    Sun rises in the east horizon Like a happy refreshing belief Sets behind the west ocean to Destroy the darkness of grief

    The sound coming from the cascade Like humming melody of nature That allures the tranquility of the soul Become an eternal signature!

    -Mamta Sharma