• About Me

    Mamta is a self-taught artist whose creations transcend the appearance of physical reality. Her unique style and perception inspires healing and a sense of connection to the universe. She was born and raised in India. Her work is highly influenced by Vedic philosophy and mysticism. From an early age Mamta developed an interest in various crafts and artistic mediums.

    She enjoyed the tactile aspect of creating three-dimensional art from the materials she found, seeing potential for creative expression through scraps and recyclables. Her passion for communicating through the visual arts blossomed beyond sculpture to include painting and poetry during her school and college years.

    She won several awards and recognitions for her excellent works of art. Mamta is a published author of a poetry and art book called The Spectrum of Life.

    Artist statement --- "I am an artist inspired by nature, the Cosmos, and human consciousness. Painting and sculpting are forms of meditation where I find myself intuned with cosmic vibration. Being involved in the creation of art brings to me a sense of serenity and completeness. I aim to express my interpretation of such abstract ideas and feelings through vivid colors and an array of mediums.”