"Let your passion thrive, Until its extremity strive,

And your soul to dive, In an ecstatic revive"

--Mamta Sharma

Mamta Sharma is passionate about art/painting, writing, and sculpting. Since her childhood, and received numerous awards and prizes for her art and cultural activities during her school and college years. She holds Diploma in Business Management and BS (Science) Degree. She was born and raised in India. She presently lives in San Diego, California, USA with her family.


 Under the light of natural accordance 
The plant of humanity grows 
An aura of the harmony there 
Fructifies and glows 

--Mamta Sharma


Mamta Sharma's art and poetry inspires a meditative state of mind. Her work touches on the deeper meaning of human life and human passion. I find her paintings stunning in their beauty. It would be exciting to see some of them filling the walls of a gallery. This book would make a lovely gift with a special appeal for lovers of art with an eastern spiritual sensibility, or for those who meditate and recognize transcendence.
By G. Simmons on May 2, 2009


Mamta Sharma's "Spectrum of Life" is a collection of poems and paintings of profoundly personal and, at the same time, truly universal nature. As that of a true artist, Mamta's expression of life experiences, spiritual and physical awakenings, and human condition strikes as deeply familiar, yet new and fresh. In her writing and painting she reveals her origins, her femininity, her devotion beautifully and subtly. The book comforts and inspires, it is a song of life's most precious moments.
By Ars Longa on December 22, 2009